Sharing free time, a meeting

Dramatization for sixth grade of primary education.

First, in groups of three students, you have to complete the dialogue with the words in the box. Second, you have to dramatize this dialogue, changing the underlined phrase for the action you want. Click on the link below.

Speaking about…

Finally, each group shall have to record the conversation on mp3, mp4 or wav and the four best records we will share them on the blog of the School. You can make recordings with the recorder on your computer or you can also download this easy to use free software.….You enjoy doing homework!!!

Moo0 Voiced Recorder

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English Teacher Welcome to the blog class of primary school. Let's try you distrutes learning English, we will make different activities for primary grades, will practice in class, at home and with friends, Do you sign?
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Una respuesta a Sharing free time, a meeting

  1. scasulleras dijo:

    I really like your speaking activity. The telephone conversation is very important and useful. I like the activity because when they finish, they can read the activity in front of the whole class and also practise the pronuntiaton, the reading, and the others students can listen the classmates. You can practise all in this activity.
    It’s easy because you only need to fill the gaps.

    Me gusta

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