Sing and learn…

Sing and learn the lyrics of the song, then fill the gaps with the missing words in the song of the word document.

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English Teacher Welcome to the blog class of primary school. Let's try you distrutes learning English, we will make different activities for primary grades, will practice in class, at home and with friends, Do you sign?
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  1. beabeat dijo:

    Hello Maria Angeles (Mariteacher):
    I must say your blog is sensational. Your activities are very dynamic and helpuf for children. In each one students can practice a great variety of skills. I would like to say that the idea of uploading on dropbox different activities and flashcards is excellent, teacher or learners can print them.
    On the other hand, I have done a exercise with puzzlemarker. I think that is very useful and easy to manage.
    The song of frozen is a good contribution because nowadays is very popular among children. It could be very motivational in any classroom.
    Your blog works in a proper way, no links broken! Congratulations! I think the material is very educational and fashionable among our students.
    Good job.
    A Hug.
    Beatriz Fernández

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