Our own movie!!!

Activity for sixth grade of primary education

Let’s enjoy making our own movie with Dvolver Moviemaker.

Click the link on the image of the film roll and you may wath the movie that I made as example for class:


In groups of two will make a movie with:  http://www.dvolver.com/moviemaker/
You have to write a dialogue of three scenes on the topics you choose in class.

Enjoy creating!!!!

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Describing people!!!

For the third cycle of Primary Education


Descriptions people cloud

Descriptions people cloud

In this cloud of words, students must first distinguish: physical, emotional characteristics and feelings, separating into three columns characteristics.

Physical                                 Emotional                             Feelings

Second, they have to write two sentences with physical characteristics, two sentences with emotional characteristics and two sentences with feelings.

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«The vain crow» Aesop’s fable

Activity for sixth grade of primary education

First session, we will work in class with students a short text on Aesop’s fable

«The Vain Crow».

Second session, we will show the word cloud on the same text and vocabulary will work. They can rewrite or reconstruct some fragments of text based on the cloud of words. This activity will they have to make an effort to remember phrases and read text and structure studied previously.

Wordle: The Vain Crow

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Birthday Party !!!

Activity fourth grade of primary education

Today we will learn vocabulary with everything related to a birthday party. Click and you begin to learn in this webquest, when finished you should to write all words than you remember about the party, present, others things and a small dialogue, in which you invite to your celebration to friend.

Birthday Party


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Sharing free time, a meeting

Dramatization for sixth grade of primary education.

First, in groups of three students, you have to complete the dialogue with the words in the box. Second, you have to dramatize this dialogue, changing the underlined phrase for the action you want. Click on the link below.

Speaking about…

Finally, each group shall have to record the conversation on mp3, mp4 or wav and the four best records we will share them on the blog of the School. You can make recordings with the recorder on your computer or you can also download this easy to use free software.….You enjoy doing homework!!!

Moo0 Voiced Recorder

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Inside my House

For pupils in the class of fourth grade of primary education; Are you ready to test your memory?

First look at the image of the house with different names and then click to access the Word file and make the homework:      House

Inside my House

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Seasons and Weather

For third Primary Education:


Practice and Play with Bob… learning with Bob
…then, print, and search words about the weather, you’re below the puzzle: the weather-puzzlemaker
…finaly, listening and speaking vocabulary in this website. Vocabulary- the weather words

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Sing and learn the lyrics of the song, then fill the gaps with the missing words in the song of the word document.


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